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The photo booth is housed in an updated charming 1961 Fan trailer, giving it a character all its own. It was started as a labor of love by a mom and daughter who love making people smile and wanted to convert the trailer into a something they could use as a business. The idea for Wanderlust Photo Trailer hatched and the photo booth business was born. Let Wanderlust add flair and fun to your party or event. We provide an attendant with technical expertise to make sure the booth experience goes smoothly, while answering any questions your guests may have. 




The photobooth

Like the old school booth with the curtain, but much cooler, and with props. Wanderlust Photo Trailer adds a unique and memorable experience your event your guests will love. 


The trailer

You can also use the trailer as a setting for a photoshoot and can decorate it to your liking, utilize our accents, or leave it as is.


Bridal suite

With two sitting areas at opposite ends of the trailer, one that functions as either a table with booth style seating or can flatten out to more of a daybed style sitting area, Wanderlust can be used as a bridal suite for a small bridal party before the big event. 


Create-your-own experience

Do you have an idea we haven't listed? Send us a message or give us a call and let us know what you'd like to utilize Wanderlust for! We are happy to accommodate your needs. 


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